Software Development
  • business processes analysis, specification, implementation, testing, application, tuning, maintenance and troubleshooting of software systems
  • C/C++/Java on Unix and Windows incl. parallel programming clustering and load-balancing
  • J2EE application servers: JBoss, WebLogic, Orion, Tomcat and WebSphere
  • OOA/OOD with UML and design patterns
  • JSP, Servlets, JAXP, JMS, JNDI, RMI and JTA
  • JDBC/ODBC persistence layer programming, CMP EJBs, object-relational mappers like Hibernate
  • aspect-oriented programming with JBoss AOP and AspectJ
  • most common framework usage: Ant, Struts, Spring
  • distributed systems with CORBA, RMI, RPC, Session EJBs and Web Services
  • HTML, JavaScript, Flash, XML, web application frameworks like Cocoon, JSF
  • shell programming: awk, sed, yacc/bison/JavaCC, flex
  • perl, python, cgi, and PHP
  • databases: DB/2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Testing framework like JUnit, TD development, reggresion tests
  • CVS, SVN systems for controling of projects versions
  • programming according to XP development paradigm
WEB Design
  • web pages layout design
  • client-side web technologies: DHTML, AJAX, Flash MX, Java Applets
Servers Administration
  • Linux and NT/W2K/XP servers administration
  • system management and Linux kernel tuning
  • email architecture with SMTP/POP3/IMAP, sendmail, postfix
  • LDAP/OpenLDAP, NFS, NIS, DNS configuration
  • snoop/nettl/tcpdump and truss/tusc/strace knowhow
  • Linux firewalls knowhow (iptables)
  • Apache server administration
  • system and network security analysis
  • public key infrastructures (PKI)
  • wireless network infrastructure knowhow
IT Management
  • consulting
  • project management
  • research & development
  • trainings
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